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Analysis & Planning

Do you know what your family’s current plan is to pay for college? Are you concerned about running out of funds mid-way through your student’s college career? Are you sacrificing your ability to retire comfortably? Even if you are fortunate enough to have saved all of the money you need to pay for college, are you aware that you may be missing out on thousands of dollars in savings through tax capacity and EFC reduction strategies?  
Our Analysis & Planning Services help families answer these questions and more.  We work with you to analyze your family's educational goals and current strategy for handling college expenses.  We help you uncover ways to reduce your out-of-pocket college expenses.  This includes choosing schools that are more likely to award free money (grants & scholarships), utilizing tax-favored dollars, maximizing financial aid possibilities, and various additional strategies unique to your family.  Our goal is to put together a comprehensive plan covering each year that you will have at least one student in college, whether it is undergraduate, graduate, business, law, or medical school.

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Student Services

For many families, applying to college is a stressful process, and are looking for career guidance and admissions assistance for their college-bound students.  Our Student Services will give you and your student the help you need.  There are numerous deadlines to meet, applications to complete, and new information to learn.  


Our Student Services group sessions cover everything from career exploration and matching to student positioning and self-promotion to college search and selection to how to ace college admissions interviews and make the most out of your campus visits. Our sessions, proprietary college planning calendar, and other client-only resources will answer your questions and guide your student each step of the way with timelines, tips, suggestions, and advice.

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Financial Aid

There are literally billions of dollars in merit-based and need-based aid available every year to assist students in paying for college.  In order to receive financial aid however, the proper paperwork must be submitted accurately and on time. This includes, but is not limited to, the FAFSA*, CSS Profile, Institutional Forms, Business/Farm Supplements, Verification Forms and more. Many of these forms can be longer and even more complicated than the federal tax forms!


Our experienced team of Financial Aid experts will eliminate the hassle and stress of this process for you.


In addition to providing school selection suggestions based on the college's history of generosity, we complete all financial aid applications and forms, and compare your student's aid awards to judge whether an award is fair (or not).  We guide you through the appeal process when necessary.

Ask about our Tuition Rewards

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