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Meet Our Team

The entire Greene-Education Foundation family is committed to providing you with expert leadership to help your children successfully plan for the their career, major, and the college they apply to so that they can have a fulfilling life in a field that supports them while doing something they enjoy. At the same time, we work diligently to make the entire process as financially painless as possible on you, the parents.  We strive to leave you in better financial shape than we found you

Kenneth Tolchin C.P.A.

(561) 212-8092

Kenneth Tolchin

With a career track that includes public accounting, controllership, insurance and financial services, Ken has spent thirty years helping people with their financial well-being. With a looming retirement crisis, his primary focus is educating clients on the institutional threats to surviving the retirement years, as well as employing strategies to protect their assets and create a lifetime stream of income.

As a co-founder and director of the newly formed Greene-Education Foundation, he realized the direct relationship of planning for both college and retirement funding. With the worthy goal of sending their children to their “dream school”, many parents unfortunately raid their retirement funds to accomplish that. Ken’s goal is to make both a reality.

A resident of Boca Raton since 1987, Ken has a wife, 2 children and Duke, a 9 year old Shepherd mix. He is an avid softball and racquetball player, as well as a frustrated golfer.

Harold Batista-BHSA, CCFC

(954) 325-7611

Harold Batista

Harold Batista is a Team Base Model Consulting Specialist, working with CPA firms, Trust lawyers, and other national specialists as a team to provide clients in a more proactive and holistic way, and building profit-sharing programs alliances.

With a Bachelor's degree in Health Services Administration, Mr. Batista has had over thirty years of experience in the Health Care Industry, and he has worked for several of the major hospitals in South Florida.  In 1993, he added insurance services to his specialties, where his client base includes individuals, corporations, partnerships, organizations, and associations. He shows his clients strategies to save on their taxes, help protect their assets, while minimizing business expenditures.  

Mr. Batista employs his expertise to the College Planning process to ensure families gain a holistic and complete analysis of the finances.

Barbara Miller

Operations Manager/

Director of Student Admissions

(833) 473-3631

Barbara Miller
Barb Miller-headshot.jpg

Barbara Miller, an expert in Admissions and Student Positioning, has helped thousands of families to save tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of college and guide their students to their dream-fit school. Since March 2012, Ms. Miller has worked on presenting over 300 free educational workshops on how to navigate through the maze of college planning without financial, emotional, and mental stress.

While Ms. Miller has not previously worked in the education arena, she has spent over 35 years in recruiting and Human Resources.  Ms. Miller points out that "getting noticed by schools is parallel to getting noticed by a corporation - you are competing for a spot, and they are looking for the candidate that is the best fit for that spot."

She also emphasizes the importance of assisting the students to choose schools that are the right fit for the right reasons at the right price.

Melanie Tolchin

Marketing Manager

(833) 473-3631 

Melanie Tolchin

Melanie Tolchin comes to Greene-Education Foundation with a wealth of experience in social media marketing including having worked on various campaigns and platforms. Prior experience includes working as a Field Director in the  2018 campaign cycle for state house district 89. 


She has a B.A from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities. Melanie received her MSW in 2011 from Barry University! In the spring of 2020, she enrolled at PC Professor and completed her Certified Internet Webmaster program. Some of her experience includes building webpages and websites, creating designs in Canva and social media marketing and development. 

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