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About Us


Have you identified which colleges are likely to offer your students
the most gift aid,
including grants and scholarships?


Does your student have
a proven strategy for identifying which colleges to apply to and how to gain admissions?


Are you prepared to
pay for college without
draining your savings or
sacrificing your retirement?

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Greene Education can help you with all the above and much more. We have been assisting families with college planning since 2008 at our office in Boca Raton, Florida. By providing families with a team of professional college advisors, admissions, including but not limited to student-athlete and student-performer experts, and financial aid, Greene Education helps parents and students successfully navigate the college planning process. We also work with high schools, corporations, associations, and nonprofit organizations to provide college planning services to families.


Our highly trained team stays current with economic trends in college funding and financial aid, changes in educational loans, admissions criteria, and countless other pressing issues that families with college-bound students will have to navigate. We will guide your family through the college selection and application process and help your student find the college that fits best. We work to maximize financial aid, minimize out-of-pocket expenses, and develop a plan so that your family can comfortably afford the high cost of a college education.

Our Mission

It is our passionate belief that every child deserves a higher education. We unite as a group of highly trained advisors and educational specialists, with the purpose of guiding, enlightening, and ultimately enriching the lives of families nationwide.


Our philosophy is guided by the principle that college should be affordable. We are dedicated to ensuring that parents are educated about the real cost of college, available financial aid resources, and options to contribute toward their students' educational investment.


We are devoted to empowering students to realize their academic and personal goals through providing comprehensive career counseling, college selection, admissions assistance, and strategic financial guidance. We strive to position students to gain admission to the colleges that are best matched to help achieve a prosperous future, inspiring professional, accomplishments, and personal success. Greene Education Foundation students gain the self-confidence and life skills necessary to become exceptionally valuable, happy, and productive members of their schools and communities.

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Our Mission

Meet The Team

The entire Greene Education family is committed to providing you with expert leadership to help your children successfully plan for their career, major, and the college they apply to so that they can have a fulfilling life in a field that supports them while doing something they enjoy. At the same time, we work diligently to make the entire process as financially painless as possible on you, the parents.  We strive to leave you in better financial shape than we found you.


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Harold Batista

College Planning Expert

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Barbara Miller

Director of Student Services


Melanie Tolchin

Marketing Manager

The Team
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