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Making College Affordable

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in advising families how to plan, prepare, and pay for college, we will guide you through the confusing maze of college planning without financial, emotional, and mental stress.

What We Do

What we do

Get Your FREE EFC (Expected Family Contribution) Report

EFC Report

FREE Educational College Planning Workshop

"Save ON (not just for) the Cost of College!"

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Is the Rising Cost of College Keeping You UP at Night?


  • Concerned about your student finding the right colleges that fit both academically and financially?

  • Worried that you have not saved enough to afford a   4-year college education costing $100K over $300K?

  • Afraid your college costs will destroy your dream of retirement?

Free Workshop

Get Your FREE College Money Report

Find the answers your family needs to get the most free money for college


In under 5 minutes


Get a fully customized report that demystifies your student’s college financial aid outlook.


Your College Money Report gives you answers to 3 critical things every family needs to know before entering the college funding maze:

  1. How much colleges think you can afford

  2. If you will qualify for grants and/or scholarships

  3. How much you will be expected to pay out of pocket

Thank you from Brandon's family

"Brandon just finished his first year at MIT and I wanted to say how much we appreciate all that you have done - without your help, he likely wouldn't have received the aid he needed to make his dreams possible.  We look forward to seeing you in the fall as we start the process for Monica!"

-Stephanie K, West Palm Beach

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